Monday, January 29, 2007

Finished object

Pattern: Moguls scarf from knitpicks

Yarn: Patons Astra in Charcoal mix and Grey Mix

I thought this scarf would never end! I started it in December, hoping it could be a Christmas gift. It is now a Chinese New Year's gift, I guess. I absolutely love the i-cord edging. So neat and tidy and it behaves so well. As much as I began to dislike the project by the end, the finished scarf looks great on and is a super length--I am guessing it is well over six feet long. I am really tempted to make one for myself--in much brighter colours. The scarf needs very little attention paid to it so you can even knit it while watching Battlestar Galactica or Heroes.

for larger, bandwith hogging views, click on the pictures--as usual.


Anonymous said...

that scarf is super pretty Jen! applause to you for finishing it! :)

Ami said...

I think it's beautiful. I love the gray, though. It's one of 'my' colors. The close up makes the scarf look really soft. Send it over right away... 'tis chilly in my neck of the woods.

Unknown said...

Sorry ami, you will have to fight my father-in-law for the scarf. Won't the greys look great with his full-length black leather coat?

Ami said...

Your father in law would duke it out with a woman? ::g::

Send it. He'll never know.

Clover said...

hello ^^
i really love your work, it's great :X i read introducion in but i can't understand how to make this scarf :( can u tell me how to make it? please send me an email, thank you so much >__<