Friday, January 12, 2007

Bungalow People?

Since we have been together Richard and I have always lived in old homes. The one we live in now is over 90 years old. I can feel the wind blow through it today--there is a -45C windchill outside. The reason I made wrist warmers was the organic ventiation system.

House hunting is teaching me a lot about myself and my husband. You may or may not have noticed there is a post missing from yesterday. I felt I had to delete it after talking with Richard last night. We have moved on from those issues. No need to keep being reminded of them now.

We looked at a bungalow a couple of days ago. I was so enamoured with another house I largely ignored it. Things are creeping back in. Yes, the kitchen is tiny and there is no dishwasher, but there is a walk in closet and ensuite bathroom in the giant master bedroom. There is another full-size bathroom on the main floor and in the finished basement too. There is central air. The yard is in desperate need of some trees, but it is fully fenced and huge--we could have a big swing set and possibly a garden. There is a deck off the dining area. I may have to go back and really look at it (maybe there is room for a dishwasher somewhere??)

Maybe I have to open my mind to the possibility that a newer home is better for us than an old drafty one after all.


Bobbi said...

Your making me wistful to be house hunting! Even with all the "I like this" but "you like that" discussions its so much fun to walk through houses and imagine the potential of each one!


Ami said...

I have a portable dishwasher. It's full sized, but I have to move it over next to the sink when I want to run it. It's great because it's also a portable island and works really well for rolling out pie crusts and extra counter space.