Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oh Matthew!

....You just can't turn your back on him for a second.

The following happened yesterday evening.

Incident #1:

It's after dinner.  Charlotte has just come home from the neighbour's house, where she was playing with her little friend.  Richard, Charlotte and I are sitting on the deck, enjoying the last little bits of sunshine for the day.  Charlotte starts yelling and pointing towards the neighbour's house.  We look over and see Matthew happily playing away in their sandbox.  I call over to him to come home.  Matthew calmly looks up and yells back very clearly : "NO!". He goes back to playing.  Richard calls him and gets the same answer.  Richard manages to lure him to the fence where he can be grabbed.

a little while later.....

Incident #2

I hear Matthew in the kitchen talking about Emmett's school lunch.  I go to the kitchen with a feeling of dread, wondering what I might find.  I find Matthew standing at the counter with Emmett's lunch bag.  It turns out he packed Emmett's lunch for school.  So, what does a three-year old pack in a school lunch?  I'm glad you asked!  I found, a whole sweet potato, a bottle of strawberry syrup, a nectarine, the can opener, my knife sharpener and an ice pack to keep everything fresh.  I showed Emmett what Matthew packed for him.  Emmett laughed and then ate the nectarine.

Whoever said age two was the hardest with a preschooler obviously never had my preschoolers....


Ami said...


Love the can opener the most.
Funny how children's minds work.


Janelle said...

I had the parent of a student (the student was the eldest of 3 boys) once tell me that they may be the terrible 2s, but to just wait for the torturous 3s and the f***ing 4s! I must say, I think of that dear, strong woman often...