Friday, September 10, 2010

Bad day.

I have had an infected cuticle for about a week.  It didn't get better with salt water soaks and frequent dressing changes.  I went to the doctor to get some antibiotics.

I got the prescription.  Oh, and he ripped my nail off.  Despite him filling my finger with lidocaine I fainted from the pain. 

I am still  in a lot of pain.  I count down until my next dose of acetaminophen with codiene.

I will write more when I feel better.  This pain is exhausting, not to mention I have severe mobility limitations on my right hand due to the giant dressing I am sporting right now.

I am very grateful to my Grandma and my friend Jen for coming by today to help me out.  A mom usually doesn't get to call in sick.


tammi said...

I almost fainted when I read your FB status. N.A.S.T.Y!!!! Sounds absolutely excruciating!

I do hope the pain subsides VERY shortly and you'll be up and running at full strength again in just a few days. Thank goodness for caring family and friends!

Ami said...

Oh. Oh. Oh my god.

SOOOOO sorry.

Hope you're feeling better soon, why the hell did he take the nail off????

Anonymous said...

I feel sick just thinking about it. Hope it heals fast.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gods, the pain! You poor thing. I feel a bit ill just thinking about it. I cut into my nail bed four years ago and it was excruciating. Hugs! Wish I could come lend a hand. I mean it's for the best I can't, because I'm so lazy and would bugger up your lovely home. But in spirit, dude, I'm with you. -- sonia/BEL.