Monday, July 26, 2010

Who pushed the fast-forward button?

This was sitting in my drafts folder--it was supposed to be published in the first week of July, but I couldn't figure out how to finish it.  I think the information is still pertinent. --Jen

I have had a quiet week this week.  Emmett and Charlotte were both at day camp.  After the initial rush of lunch packing and drop offs in the morning, Matthew and I had the day to ourselves. He loved the one-on-one time we had. 

It is weeks like this that make me realize how much everyone is growing.  My baby Charlotte disappeared with her bag lunch for the whole day and didn't miss me.  Emmett went to Mini University and did just fine without a helper to facilitate communication.  Next year Emmett will be old enough to come to the camp where I work and be in a cabin with the other campers.

I am trying so hard to keep Matthew from catching up, but my efforts are fruitless.  He is developing a real mind of his own!  He has grown physically so much we need to retire the crib this summer.  Cognitively, his personality is really starting to shine through and he is wanting more and more autonomy with decision-making.

He is the last baby I will ever have to potty-train.  This makes me unbelievably happy. 

Every time I get wistful for the smell of a newborn and feel that little baby itch come on I just remind myself that any new baby I have will need to be potty trained.  That shuts my ovaries right up!

So, who pushed the fast forward button?  Where have my babies gone??

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