Sunday, July 11, 2010

Twilight, you have officially gone too far.

Yeah, yeah, I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  Well, guess what.  You are in MY world so you get MY opinion!

I am not a fan of Twilight.  Have I mentioned that before???  (My real-life friends are rolling their eyes right now.)
I read the book.  I could go on and on about the bad writing, transparent characters, weak females and abusive relationships glorified for young girls.  Don't get me started on the sparkly vampires.

Because I disliked the book so intensely I have avoided the movies.  My playgroup mom friends know this so they made sure not to invite me on their girl's night out.  My feelings were not hurt.  I am not going to invite them to the Harry Potter movie either.  (Can we meet in the middle and see Eat, Pray Love?)

I witnessed a bit of the craze for the newest movie a couple of weeks ago when I was walking out of the theatre with Richard.  People were lining up three hours early to catch the midnight showing of the premiere.  I chuckled as I saw Canadian Blood Services setting up a table in view of the line up.  (Their tag line? "Find out if you are Jacob or Edward's type)  Hey, the need for blood rises in the summer and donations drop.  You have to respect the person who came up with that promotion!

This morning Richard had a craving for a certain fast food breakfast sandwich you can only get at Burger King.  We thought we could have a family outing and go there for a treat.  We got to the restaurant and I made note of the display of promotional toys that went in the kid's meals.

The toys promote the new Twilight movie.

Really, Burger King?  Really?  At the risk of sounding hypocritical, I was not as upset at the sight of the Iron Man 2 toys--I would not take my kids to that movie, but the robots were fun to play with and easy to talk about. I am not ready to have the "vampire boyfriend" talk with my kids just yet and really, these toys are very inappropriate for their target demographic.  Young kids don't need Edward and Jacob wallets or backpack charms.  BO-ORING.  Do tweens buy kid's meals?

A quick Google search shows that Summit Entertainment, the company that produced the Twilight movies, also produced the new kid's movie, Despicable Me.  Why didn't they make toys to promote that movie?

I did the proper irate Mom thing.  I complained on Facebook.  I mentally outlined my blog post.  Then I did something else.  I opened up my word processor.  I looked up on Google how to format a business letter (shut up.  I learned that in Jr. High.  That was a very very very long time ago)  I wrote an actual letter, signed it and put it in an actual envelope.  BK Canada is going to hear about this too.

Next time I want to get fast food for my kids, I am going to Wendy's.

I told the Burger King people that too.

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Brie said...

That does seem like a strange promotion for kids' meals.