Monday, March 30, 2009

Analog blogging.

My parents came to town last night. It is Spring Break so they are visiting for a few days. Mom never comes empty handed. This time she brought Char some new clothes, which she tried on all at once, some new toys for the boys and a new cookbook for me.In addition, she brought some treasures from the basement: an old Star Trek storybook for Emmett, (It was my brother's I hope he doesn't mind if we hang on to it for a while)and my diary, from 1986.

Now, we have established already that I am a big Little House Fan. This proves it. The first entry was made on my birthday, so I think that must have been when my parents gave it to me. (Mom? Is that right?) This diary had lots of empty space for me to fill in my thoughts as well as recipes from the Little House books, quotes and little bits of trivia from Laura's time. I loved it.

I apologize for the pictures. Our scanner is in the basement and not hooked up to the house network yet. If you want to read my scribbles just click on a picture to make it full-size.

Things to do in January: New Year's Day, New Glasses Came In, Space Shuttle blew up. So matter of fact. I am sure I didn't know the significance of the last one, but it is in there for posterity. I do remember watching the Challenger launch on TV .

These next two entries chronicle the tumultuous nature of pre-adolescent female friendships. (Ryan is my brother)
"....I had a nice day, no one beat me up. Not even Sharla....."

"......Today Ryan threw me in the mud, but Sharla took my side....."

This last entry is very important. It documents the birth of a knitter. I still have the pattern book the little sweater came from. This entry doesn't talk about the little purse I made first. It turns out a dolly purse has all of the basic elements of knitting in it. After that purse I was on to doll clothes.


kitten said...

How cool is that?!?!

kitten said...

I have a little something at my blog to add a little Sun Shine in your day!

CC said...

What a great walk down memory lane!

I am not kidding, the current word verification that I need to sign below says "knitone"!