Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow Angels

Ok, so Grandma may be more interested in this post than anyone else, but here are some pictures I snapped of my kiddos frolicking in our front yard today.

Oh, and the last shot is less about the snow and more about the eyelashes. My boys are genetically blessed in the eyelash department. I just want to see how many women I can give baby itches to.

My new camera has a setting for snow!!! Look at how the skin tones in these pictures are so warm and not at all washed out. I should definitely keep up with my habit of breaking cameras every couple of years! (If Richard is reading this, I am only kidding. Mostly.)


Rina said...

Gorgeous kidlets!!

My son has the most enviable eyelashes also. It's not fair! He gets them from his Dada. :)

Ashlee Rose O. said...

Aww squishy!

kitten said...

How cute! Looks like so much fun!