Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You-Know-What with a Capital T

Matthew has entered a new stage of development. The "Destroy everything in his path in the quest for knowledge" stage. I hear every little boy goes through it. Emmett did, but not to the extant Matthew has. I spend every day just following Matthew around, cleaning up the mess.
As I type out this post, there are mysterious noises coming out of the kitchen. I am pretty sure he is emptying cupboards.

Look at this face! Is this the face of someone who leaves a path destruction in his wake?? (Look closely. Besides ketchup from lunch on his face there is a light sprinkling of potting soil. After having a taste he decided the soil would be better off sprinkled all over Daddy's electric piano instead of in the pot with it's plant.)

Under Mommy's jacket is the light switch. To the reader's left of the jacket is the phone. To the right is the outside door lock. This is a great place to hang out and cause trouble.

This is Mister Innocent after casually running out of the pantry.

This is what he was running away from. I am sure he has no idea how the flour bag got tipped over like that. Where was I during this? Putting the vacuum away. Sigh.

While Emmett is on the computer I usually hear "Mo-om! Come get Matthew! He's causing trouble!"

How long before they grow out of this? Am I prepared for the answer?


Ashlee Rose O. said...

I am only laughing at you because Rowen is climbing me as if I am a tree right now, to get onto my computer desk and eat stuff that is not edible. Or take the keys off my keyboard. Which ever looks funnest.

But, you know, they ARE only 16 days apart.

Ami said...

They grow out of it?

Do tell.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a mess! I don't think boys ever grow out of making a mess - in fact, as they get bigger, they are capable of even bigger messes!

Sandy said...

Well, my dear, as a mom of 2 boys (busy, busy boys) I can tell you that they don't grow out of it, but they do tire of it. The flour and plants part. I can always tell where my boys have been because they leave a trail behind them. Sometimes it's a trail of gummie treats, sometimes it's lego (the devil's toy, I might add), often, with my oldest, it's a trail of paper. Yup, paper. He has scissors and knows how to use them. Now I'm left with little bits of paper all over the house. On the bright side, it's not as slippery as flour, right?!?! Hang in there. Those of us with boys totally "get it"!!

kitten said...

You sure do have your hands full! Sorry to say, but it just depends on the child. He sure does look like a happy fellow.

Brenda said...

It's not just boys though. I feel your pain. Meghan emptied the shredder basket all over my nice clean room yesterday, then she so lovingly sprinkled potting soiled all over the living room. What's with the potting soil? Is it like toddler-nip? Should we tie it up in a bag and dangle it from a string for them? Sigh. (shortcake)

Carolyn said...

THAAAAAT's why you had to do all that vacuuming...