Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Treat.

I was sipping my morning coffee and perusing my favourite blogs, as I do most mornings. Suzanne McMinn is a regular stop on my blog reading list. I made the mistake of reading her latest post on an empty stomach. She was running through the steps needed to make home made donuts. (Click on her name if you dare.)

So, because I am easily tempted, my family had hot fresh donuts for brunch today. They are surprisingly easy to make and you really don't need any fancy tools at all. I don't have a donut cutter, so an egg poaching ring (why do I have those???) and an icing bag tip did the job nicely. Sure, they take a bit longer than making a run to Timmy's, but the result is really really worth it. Oh, and if you want to do things really old school, take a page from Ma Wilder's book, cut narrow strips out of the dough and twist them. When they hit the hot fat they will turn themselves when each side is done. Ma Wilder didn't have time to flip donuts so she didn't make the new-fangled circular ones. (She was Laura Ingall's mother in law. You learn about donut making in the book Farmer Boy)

I subbed one cup of whole wheat flour for one cup of all-purpose and used the Fruit Jam Cake glaze recipe on Suzanne's site as a topping.

Try it, you'll like it! (Well, your favourite jeans might not, but you only live once, right??)

Since we are talking about treats, the lovely and giant-hearted Kitten gave me this one. She is just the nicest person I have never met. I am happy to count her as one of my friends. She is one you want in your corner! She gave me this award because she said I add sunshine to her life. Well, the feeling is mutual!!
If you have any bloggy friends that brighten up your world, pass the award along.


Imcombobulated said...

Oh my! I can't bring myself to link through... I KNOW I'll end up making donuts instead of packing for Canada. And I've got less than 48 hours to go...

Anonymous said...

Holy cow those look delish. I may just have to try those...right now!

Rina said...

Yummmm I love me some doughnuts.

Funny - I just finished reading Farmer Boy, LOL.

Yours look delish.