Monday, September 10, 2007

I did it.

I went grocery shopping with a newborn and two preschoolers and made it out of the store alive. Matthew decided he was starving just as I was clicking his carseat into the van and screamed all the way home, but I am thankful the screaming didn't start in the checkout line. The groceries didn't get unloaded for a couple of hours after we got home, but I still count the trip as a success.

I realized as I was unloading the groceries that one week postpartum is still too soon to lift heavy things. Ouch.


Mama mouse said...

As I read your three most recent posts, all I can think of is "what an amazing woman". I am sincerely filled with awe over Matthew's birth story - how you persevered with such strength and intense love. You are a person we could all be a little more like and be the better for it. Remember though, my friend, you have lots of people, beyond your family, yet including your family, who are more than happy to help out. You are a blessing. Ok, mush gland satisfied! ;)

Ami said...

Well, I hope you bought a LOT of groceries to make that heavy lifting worth it... so that you can REST woman!

You're amazing.