Thursday, March 1, 2007

Snow Day

The weather man predicts 17 cm of snow will fall on my city today. Highways and schools are closed. Snow is falling steadily. We are hunkering down for a day by ourselves. Thankfully we are well-stocked with diapers and food. Baking is on the agenda.

Today is also the perfect day to catch up on neglected chores. I am going to help you, faithful reader with your neglected chores today too. If you live with one or more dirt magnets like I do, you need to know the secret I learned on a message board that is too good to keep.

Step 1: Go through your closets and drawers to find the stained clothes you thought were ruined forever.

Step 2: Find a large container. A bin, a bucket, anything that you can put those clothes in without packing too tightly.

Step 3: Pour a small box of baking soda in the container and add hot water. Mix to dissolve.
Pour in a 400 ml bottle of hydrogen peroxide.
Add water to fill container half way and add clothes. Mix well and add more water to cover.

Step 4: Set the container in a safe place, away from kids and pets. Leave that container for at least a day, overnight or longer--check the clothes periodically and stir them.

Step 5: Launder clothes normally and be amazed that you saved clothes you thought were destined for the playclothes drawer or rag pile!

Happy Snow Day!

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Anonymous said...

i'm gonna have to try that trick!!! i have so many stained clothes it isn't even funny.