Monday, December 11, 2006

Crunch time.

To do this week:
  • Wash, block and fringe step-MIL's gift
  • Buy gift card for cousin
  • Call friend who makes juice bag purses and buy two for cousins
  • Wrap gifts to send to family Christmas dinner this weekend (aunt, uncle, cousins) not going to happen
  • Make Pumpkin-chai mini loaves to take to in law Christmas dinner
  • Wrap gag gift to take to In law Christmas dinner
  • Find costumes and props for church Christmas pageant
  • Finish Sunday School Christmas gifts (nine more to go)
  • Finish Sunday School Christmas crafts (maybe??)
  • Figure out a craft for Sunday School Christmas party
  • Run Christmas pagent rehearsal. Only two kids and one mom showed up. WTF????
  • Hem pants for Christmas party and In law dinner. Add fix Emmett's crappy cheap-ass winter coat....again.
To do before Christmas
  • Seal birdhouse for Mom
  • Finish FIL gift maybe for Ukrainian Christmas?
  • Make one or two more dishcloths for MIL?/s>
  • Finish wrist warmers for SIL (half of one go go)
  • Buy battery for another Christmas gift
  • Help Santa find stocking stuffers for Richard and rugrats<
  • Don't catch stomach flu that every other member of the family has caught, including the dog.
  • Cook, clean, laundry, etc.
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    Brie said...

    Oh, dear, even the dog's sick!? Best wishes to stay healthy. And yay, yay, yay for Emm!