Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's a good thing she is cute part 2...

Today is Tuesday. Tuesdays are for cleaning house. I started the morning by scrubbing the bathroom after my shower. After everyone got up I started putting away laundry. I stayed in Emmett's room to put away toys. He was in my room watching TV and Char was....where was Char?

I wandered around the house, calling her name. The bathroom doors were closed so I walked past them and down the stairs. No Char on the main floor, no Char in my room or in the other two bedrooms. Oh. No.

I opened the bathroom door and there was Charlotte sitting in front of an open cabinet. The tub of Vaseline was open on her lap. She was so, so shiny. Her hair had handfuls in it and her shirt was saturated.

I stripped her down and set her in the tub. I combed out as much of the goo from her hair as I could. I then tried to shampoo her hair. The shampoo didn't even lather. I tried bubble bath, then dandruff shampoo, then dish detergent. At this point she has been in the tub so long we are running out of hot water and she is almost hoarse from crying. Thankfully the layer of Vaseline has protected her skin from drying out at all--the water was just beading up on her. I take her out of the tub, towel her off and she snuggles in to me. She falls asleep on my shoulder (leaving a grease print) as I fire up all mighty Google. I also take a moment to listen to her lungs with my stethoscope to assuage any worry that she might have inhaled some Vaseline while she was styling her hair. She is nice and pink and the air was wooshing into her lungs.

This lady came to my rescue. After a nap and the hot water tank fills up again, we will try the cornstarch.

Stay tuned...


Ami said...

Okay, just found your blog. I have to know if the cornstarch worked.

I put vaseline in MY hair as a high-schooler, thought it would be like a hot oil treatment.
Uh, no.

Had to use Goop to get it off. Goop is an industrial hand cleaner.

I used the 'mild' version. lol

Unknown said...

The cornstarch worked--but we had to apply it twice. It was a good week before Char stopped looking greasy.


kitten said...

Too funny! Well, I guess not at the time. I have had a few of those my self. Don't ever use vaseline to get gum out! It just spreads worse and you land up cutting more than you ever wanted to in the 1st place.