Friday, December 8, 2006


"They" say a lot of things. They say things that undermine your confidence and judgement. They are particularly vocal when it comes to raising children. They like to make charts and schedules and if You don't measure up to the expectations then You are are suddenly scrutinized and comments are made. I have learned to ignore them most of the time.

I turn a blind ear to comments regarding my kid's size. (Yes, they are very tall for their age. I put Miracle Grow in their breakfast every morning.) They don't say much about Emmett's speech since They don't spend enough time with him to really notice. He is quite skilled at making his needs known and those who love him are skilled at anticipating his needs and reading his signs so it is not immediately obvious that he doesn't speak. If comments are made, They are easily quieted with a quick "No, our therapist says he is not Autistic. Hey! Did you hear the Jets left Winnipeg?"

They do notice the diaper sticking out of the back of his jeans. They say that a child should be potty trained by 3-1/2. DVDs about potty training are on the way. I have the potty, the Spiderman undies, the bribes, (Smarties are the currency of choice in this house)and the 3-1/2 year old. I have the 3-1/2 year old who fights the potty and shakes his head no at the Spiderman undies. My insecurities about my mothering abilities start sneaking in, their voices whispering.

I call a good friend. She is a breast feeding counsellor. She is good at telling Them to back off. She reminds me that They don't know Emmett. Emmett knows when Emmett is ready, not Them. The whispers are quieting down.


Bobbi said...

ahh the infamous "they" when it comes to potty-training boys I toss the "they" comments down the toilet! "they" didn't help at all only made me feel bad and "they" were not there watching frustration bloom by being asked to do something before there was motivation or desire.

With my oldest I personally loved the naked lets see how the body works days - the mess was worth his amazement at his body!

But in the end I think it was him being ready not anything I really did save for maybe telling him its okay to pee on trees when at home in the country where we have no neighbors!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh....THEM. I am not fond of Them. One of our friends is one of THEM. I don't listen to her.