Saturday, December 2, 2006

I'm Sorry.

I am sorry if I created undue excitement with the title of my previous post. Emmett is not saying any words yet, but he has made great strides in the recent past. I think he is starting to get a handle on his motor planning difficulties. His vocabulary of signs is increasing, he is more willing to do the actions along with the little songs we sing (Slippery Fish is a favourite) and he is making more varied sounds. There are actual vowels and consonats peppering his babble now. I am ever hopeful we will be conversing soon.

We survived two birthday parties today. Emm was burned out by the first one and at the second one retreated to the basement to enjoy some toys alone, but Char got right into the spirit of things. During a game that involved dancing, she took off her shirt and ran right into the middle of the circle to show off her moves. This will cease to be cute when she is fifteen, maybe sooner. I think I am going to have to learn to say no to invitations if there are two in one day--Emmett just can't handle the excitement. I think he takes after his father that way--he stayed home for the second one to enjoy a quiet house all to himself. I took a few notes that I will have to remember for next year's parties. Cheryl, the host of the second party set the bar pretty high with her cool games and thoughtfully personalized treat bags. Charlotte found the crayons particularly tasty.

Well, I have two sleeping children, a husband out of the house and a girl movie in the DVD player. It is time to get out my knitting. Good Night!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, amy here. I hope you had a good rest with your knitting and girl movie. I'm pumped about emm reaching some goals! go team! I'll be in brandon the weekend of the 16th, hope to run into you then!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your stocking ideas. We, too, still get fruit in our stockings. If you poke around in my archives you will find I am also married to a software developer. We do have some things in common.