Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Going back to work.

Well, I survived my first shift back at work. It turns out I chose a good day to get back into the swing of things. There were no ortho surgeons on call the Sunday I went back, so the ward was pretty quiet. The charge nurse had me float the ward, helping out, so I had the whole shift to get to know where things are and not worry about patients as much. Thankfully the medication machine remembered my ID. I forgot my computer password and there is no IT support on Sundays, but it was really no big deal. I had such a great time that I agreed to work a shift tomorrow. The ortho surgeons were back on call yesterday so tomorrow I will be running my little legs off. When I got home from work on Sunday, Richard was exhausted from chasing the kids all day but he didn't complain a bit. He just passed out on the couch as soon as my scrubs hit the laundry chute. Speaking of scrubs...someone please tell me I do not need to go shopping for new uniforms for one shift a week. Do I? I do, don't I? Just one new set in a bright Springy colour. To cheer up the patients. That's it, right?

Emm and Char will be going to a babysitter for the first time tomorrow. Anyone going to place bets on how many calls I will make home? I am not too worried. The kids know this person and she knows Emmett and understands his method of communication, which is the biggest thing to me. I just have no idea what I should be sending to her house. I will either pack far too much or not enough. I am a little worried about her cat. We have never had Emmett formally tested for allergies, but his asthma symptoms magically disappeared when we sent my cat away do to my allergy. I will be sending his inhaler just in case.

I went into the doctor today since I can no longer ignore the persistent pain and pins and needles feelings I get in my wrists and hands almost daily. I now get to look forward to a trip to the neurologist for nerve conduction studies and other scary tests for things like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, DeQuervains, repetitive Strain Injury or just plain old Tendonitis. The tests scare the heck out of me. They involve things like needles and electrodes and whether or not I feel pain when current is turned on. It sounds like a form of medieval torture. I like being at the giving end of the needles--not the receiving. That is why I am a nurse!!

My doc was also nice enough to write another letter to the speech pathologist for Emmett. He is the father of young children so I find him very understanding when I ask him about mine. It is really hard to find a good doctor in my city. It took me several years to wiggle my way into his practice. (I know a few tricks.)

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sugarmama said...

Good luck with work! I'm glad you are enjoying it. And don't feel bad calling to check on your son. I still call my sister every time she watches Charlotte. Just once a day though. When she was a newborn I called like three times a day.