Saturday, March 18, 2006

Are you a dork?

Dork Spectrum: Where Do You Fall

Inconspicuous Dork- (Moderate Abnormality)-

This rank of Dorkiness is a combination of a playful spirit with an ignorant social perspective. The Inconspicuous Dork is awkward in all or some of the following; posture, physical movement, gestures, facial expression. They also may display some deficit in the area of appropriate humor and social communication interactions. Their humor is seldom appropriate or understandable to anyone other than themselves. The main distinction between an Inconspicuous Dork and a Full-on Dork lies primarily in the awareness and effort of the alleged Dork. If awareness and effort are low but result in the same awkward actions and comments this is endearing and often considered “Quirky”. On the other hand, if there is a considerable amount of effort put forth to formulate related humor or obviously rehearsed actions that are not well received, this increased effort and somewhat evident awareness of awkward actions can be classified as “Annoying”. Anyone who is annoying has reached the gateway to Full-o

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Hmmm, Richard is not at all surprised by my test results.
Wish me luck at work tomorrow.

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