Monday, March 28, 2011

Why are they called Sleepovers?

This past weekend my little Sparks group teamed up with our sister Brownie group and had a slumber party.  I filled my van with craft supplies, bedding and jammies for two, and headed over to our local Giant Indoor Playground where I met my fellow leaders.

Out of my share of the girls, I had no fewer than three mommies cry at and one daddy look positively giddy beside his teary wife at drop off.  None of the girls cried.  Because of the facility, they got right down to the business of playing right away.  It was actually good PR for us.  I had my girls come in their uniforms and the facility was open to the public for the first little while we were there so people could see Girl Guides have lots of fun.

We got started on an extra messy painting craft after the wiggles were run out.  Then, after finding places to sleep, we all got into jammies and sang campfire songs with some snacks.  The girls were then tucked in with bedtime stories.  The grownups listened to whispers and giggles well into the night.  At the crack of dawn we were up and running again, playing, finishing our craft, painting faces, and then sending the girls back home to their parents.

Time flies at these things.  When it was all over I felt like I did when I used to have to work night shifts (both at the hospital and with newborns)  I was spent.  Richard tried to help out as best he could and took the two older kids to a movie when I got home and then cooked supper later.  I was in bed, asleep by 9:00 PM last night!  I am still droopy this morning.

This was my first sleepover with my girls and I am glad it was so successful.  We planned for weeks and it feels funny that it all went by so quickly. 

I am wondering how long it will take for me to make up my missing sleep???  Stuff like this makes me remember why I am  glad I don't have any more babies coming into my house.  I used to function on hours of sleep I could count on one hand for months at a time!  How did I do that???

The girls want to know when we are doing this again.

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Ami said...

I never escaped a sleepover with my girls without a mother of a migraine.

And yet, I was a leader for 10 years.

Have you considered a sanity check? You know, before it's too late?