Friday, March 11, 2011


Last night's Sparks meeting was part 2 in my 2 part series to get the Healthy Spark badge.  I brought my stethoscope to the meeting so the girls could listen to each other's hearts, lungs and tummies.  The girls had a lot of fun listening to the gurgles in their stomachs and made a game out of guessing what everyone had for supper.  I taught the girls to take their pulses and then we tried an experiment where we took our resting heart rates, and then jumped around and took our pulses again.  My partner set up a table of bandages and everyone practiced their dressing skills on teddies and dolls they had brought for the occasion.  We ended the meeting by handing out paper dolls that showed what the insides of their bodies looked like.  There was much giggling and pointing at the end of the large intestine on the colouring sheet.  The girls thought the paper dolls were boys.  I very matter of factly said  "No.  That is the end of the large intestine.  That is where the poop comes out."  Of course that made the girls laugh even harder!  So, after my partner and I carefully constructed a meeting full of information and fun, what are the girls going to remember the most?

That is where the poop comes out.

Ahh, the mind of a five year old!


Ami said...

Haha. You said poop.


crowjoy said...

We had potty talk time last night and yes, poop.

Janelle said...

oh, come on, if you'd been attending instead of presenting, what would you remember most? and you're THIRTY five. ;)

PS I agree with Ami.