Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One Day at a Time

It has been almost three weeks since I deactivated my Facebook account.  I have two weeks left. My thoughts still come out in the form of status lines sometimes.  I still wonder what the chatter is over there.  I have almost fallen twice, during very stressful times of day.  My friends Laura and Ami talked me down via IM each time.  (Thanks, guys!)

I miss certain things about Facebook--being able to let people know about playgroup, quickly scheduling playdates and catching up.  I am realizing who I really miss and who will probably be cut from my list when I get back.

Not having Facebook has made me much more productive around the house--I have time to clean and bake and be present with the kids.  I read more now.  Panic sets in when something happens and I need a break. (Like right now, when I just discovered Matthew found my brand new lipstick in my room and destroyed it.  I need to deal with it instead of running to the computer to hide--which I am doing right now, with my blog.)

This is so hard to do.


Bassoongrlspam said...

You can do it! I'll start blogging more to keep you company! and we always have OS. :D

tammi said...

Running to hide with/in my computer is what I find I do, too. Not even from crises, just from things I SHOULD be doing, like engaging my girls in something that will actually stimulate their brains and create lasting memories. Or housework! Or having a friend over. Seems you and I suffer from the same sickness.

I have not actually done that well with my Lent "resolution," especially on weekends and now on Spring Break when the girls are home AND awake all day!

I need to repent of my selfishness and my laziness, and CONTINUALLY rely on God's strength to make me a more intentional wife, mother, and friend. Surrendering bad habits is hard, but the lasting rewards so outweigh this temporary struggle!