Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just Dance

We had two extra days off from school this week.  Some moms look forward to the downtime.  Some moms dread it.  It is very treacherous outside so it is hard to go out and play right now (the world around here goes between a giant, jagged sheet of ice and dirty slush right now.  Today outside my window more snow is falling to cover up the ice.  Sweet.)  Day One I scheduled a giant, day-long play date for myself and the kids to keep us occupied.  Day Two, my plans fell through and the kids spent most of the day trashing the house and fighting with each other.

Then this happened:

Do spontaneous dance breaks happen at your house too?


Ami said...

I don't have many spontaneous dance breaks at home anymore, although it used to happen on occasion.

I do witness them at work frequently, though. And it always makes me smile.

tammi said...

We used to use dance parties as a way to make cleaning up fun. We'd put in a CD that had both fast and slow songs on it and clean for the slow songs and take a "dance break" for the fast ones! The girls LOVED cleaning up when we did it that way!!

Hmmmm, might have to dust off that strategy again... we haven't done it in a while!

janelle said...

yes, as a matter of fact we do... usually minutes after the littlest one is asleep, the less-little one breaks out the break dancing, and we watch. Nothing de-stresses quite like a three-year-old with a big grin on his face while he busts a move!