Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just another day in Suburbia.

We live very close to the river that runs through our city now.  At the end of our street is a fairly untouched forest area where beavers and deer and all manner of critters live.  We see the deer walking down our street at night sometimes.  There are a lot more birds and squirrels and things  here, in our new neighbourhood than there were on our old inner-city street.

Matthew saw a squirrel on our deck this morning.  He was so excited he ran out and scared the bejeebers out of it.  The squirrel got almost nose-to-nose with him before deciding on an escape route.  I really don't know who was more startled when the little critter made a run at Matthew.  He hightailed it back inside while the squirrel hightailed it for a tree.

I put some whole peanuts out on the deck to lure the squirrel back so we could look some more.

Matthew went back outside and shouted at the trees:  "Querl, querl, ea!  ea!! "  (That is Matthlish for "Come here, Squirrel, Eat!  Eat!!")

After Charlotte got home from school I told her about our adventure so she got some more peanuts and made a neat line of them on the deck.  She then went outside and shouted at the trees "Come here Squirrels!  I have some peanuts for you!" 

She got really mad when they didn't come.

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Ami said...

Well, if she puts peanuts out there every day, they will come. They will bring friends. They will bring shirttail cousins. They'll bring squirrels from miles away.

Have fun with that.


Your last line really cracked me up. Perfect finish.