Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Out of the mouths of Moms

Today was a busy day.  Playgroup in the morning, drop off to visit the Grandparents in from the Big City after.  In between required stops at the gas station, health food store, and back home to retrieve a forgotten item. 
I am more than frazzled.  In addition to the craziness I am coping with a regression in Charlotte's behaviour.

I let the f-bomb slip at an inconsiderate driver who did not care that I was tired, frazzled and had a brain running around in a million different directions.

Emmett looked up at me with his big, soulful brown eyes.

""F*ck me" is a bad word, isn't it?"

I said yes, then quickly said I shouldn't have said it and that HE certainly shouldn't say it.

"You shouldn't say "F*ck you" either, right Mom?"

No, Emmett, no you shouldn't.  (and, for the record, he learned that one at school.)


Anonymous said...

Honestly, who hasn't let it slip at least once?

One of David's first mimicked words was "sh*t" when he was not quite 17 months old... thank you Grandmother!

Love, Janelle

Carolyn said...


Mommy said a bad word.

You're not alone. My only saving grace is that neither of my children are verbal yet. :)

Kristin said...

Dammit is one of Bob's favorite words. It happens. I just tell him no no Bob, we say 'uh oh' instead. And then he says uh oh all cute like and we're ok.

tammi said...

Why is it that all day long it seems as if they don't hear a single word and then the INSTANT you let a foul one slip, THAT'S the one they hear?! (and repeat for the next several days when you're in the presence of other adults!!)