Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Inside Emmett's head.

I finally remembered to remind Richard to ask for copies of Emmett's MRI pictures before his last appointment.  I found no fewer than 20 different slices of my boy's head in my email inbox yesterday.  I sifted through them, my Anatomy and Physiology knowledge very fuzzy in the back of my own brain.

It is both very cool and and a little creepy to have pictures of your baby, inside and out.  Seeing Emmett's cyst with my own eyes still kind of stops my heart, even though I know he is doing so well and that he will continue to do well even while carrying it around in his head.


You can see the cyst quite clearly in this picture behind the left eye, which is on your right.

Here is a cross-section of my boy's head.

I am pretty sure Emmett's cyst is the mass you see where his eye was in the previous picture, but I am not a doctor and have NO training reading these images.


Ami said...

I can't imagine seeing pictures of my son's head with that thing in it.

I know your little guy is doing well, but it's still scary.

The Other Parent said...

It's his head without any pants on!!! Brain Porn!

It took a lot of whateveritwasahol to knock him out this time. Let's not do that anymore.

Jason, as himself said...

My seventeen year old daughter had an MRI a few months ago of her pelvic area; she had a giant infected cyst at the base of her spine. Anyway, after it was all over, I saw the MRI. And let me just say that I saw graphic detail of my daughter's reproductive anatomy that I never thought I would ever see!

Thanks, Jennifer, for delurking and commenting on The Jason Show today. I appreciated your point of view on the topic. And now that you have delurked, I look forward to seeing you around!