Monday, April 12, 2010

What did you do this weekend?

Richard and Emmett and Charlotte headed off to the Big City on Friday.  Emmett's annual MRI was today

I was fighting a chest cold last week and just wanted to stay home.  So, Matthew and I hunkered down together for the weekend.

Thankfully there are four good playgrounds and a shopping center within walking distance of our house, so we spent the mornings playing outside and the afternoons napping and playing inside. I visited with a friend and my Grandmother so I wasn't starved for adult conversation.  A kind friend picked us up and took us out this morning so I wouldn't be home alone fretting while waiting for Richard to phone.  I am grateful for that!

There was a distinct theme to our inside games.

I couldn't escape the trains!  In this picture I am actually standing at the stove, in my pjs, stirring a pot of oatmeal.

On one of our walks we found a little spring by the playground.

I snuck in some "me" time too.

Having only one child to look after was positively relaxing.  I got caught up on the laundry, cooked food I love and got to laze around at naptime watching bad tv instead of breaking up wrestling matches.  I did get tired of the endless train games.  I will be happy to say "Go!  Play with your brother and sister!" tonight.  It will also be nice to have another adult to share the couch with. 

Oh, and Emmett did very well with his scan and the results were very positive.  We don't have to go back next year, and a verbal check in with the neurosurgeon will suffice.

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Rina said...

Yay Emmett!!!!!