Monday, December 22, 2008

The last of the Christmas knitting.

I am in a happy place with my gifting right now. Things are wrapped and ready. My last project came home yesterday after it's bath and block at a friend's house. (I couldn't do that here because it would have been impossible to hide from the recipient)

Want to see?

Isn't the colour just smashing? The stitch definition is just incredible. So very soft too.
I love the colours here and how they gently shift from shade to shade. The yarn was a treat to work with.
Oh yes. This is a little gift for me. A project that has been languishing in my knitting basket. A woolly shawl just right for snuggling with while reading or watching a movie on a chilly evening.


Sandy said...

WOW! That is a work of art indeed! Beautiful and looks very labour intensive!!! Good job!!!

Bobbi said...

It's beautiful! I love how the snowmen go with it perfect. LOL

That shawl is calling my name today. Hooray for you for completing something for yourself! Those area always the harder projects for me to do/get done!