Sunday, December 14, 2008

Crunch Time.

So, I glanced at my calendar this morning. It seems like I am going to be very very busy this week. The kids each have parties at their schools and they need to bring goodies. I have a preschool board meeting where I need to bring an appetizer. I have the playgroup cookie exchange where I must show up with five dozen cookies. We have the Big Family Pre-Christmas get-together this weekend and I like to bring something yummy for the hostess. (Oh I hope the Archie McPhee order gets here, or the gag gift exchange will be missing a couple of items)

So, here is my baking list:

Chocolate Crinkles for cookie exchange (Done!)
Sugar Plums (make enough for home and hostess gift) (Done!)
Cupcakes for Emm's party (DONE! well, I need to frost them, but that won't take long and I will do it the night before the party)
Spiced rum nut brittle for hostess gift

I am not sure what I am taking to the board meeting, but I am leaning towards a warm dip I can assemble in my crock pot and serve with melba toast or pita chips. (edited to say I am making this cracker spread)

I also have to finish making some Christmas gifts and wrap everything.


EDIT: I can do this. I will bake today. (once I get to the store and buy a vanload of butter, sugar and flour) I can assemble my meeting munchies during Respite time on Tuesday. I can use crafty night tomorrow to assemble a gift. Char's party just requires me to pick up a couple of things while I am at the store getting supplies for baking.
I can do this.

I will worry about Christmas dinner next week.......


Anonymous said...

You CAN do this! You can sooooo do this!

I made sugarplums yesterday. So lovely-yummy. They make me smile.

Anonymous said...

Last week was my crunch week. I made it through. I'm so glad I'm on the other end. Have some fun!

Mommy Jo said...

You are an amazing multi-tasker!
I like the sound of spiced rum brittle...sounds very delicious!

April said...

Am I supposed to be doing something to prepare for Christmas too? lol

Ashlee Rose O. said...

Let's do it, lady. Deep breaths. If you make lists of what has to be done, according to which day it needs to be done, it seems like a lot less than if you smoosh it all together. Just sayin'.