Friday, November 14, 2008

Putting the Knit back in to Knit Wit

My blogging has been kind of boring lately. I've been busy.
A lacey beret for me, a neckwarmer that is going to be a Christmas gift for our respite worker, , some cozy socks for Matthew, and a helmet liner for my brother to wear on the cold days on his oil rig.

I have a couple of other things on the go too, but you can't see them! If you are on Ravelry, look me up. My knitting secrets will be spilled there. I am Prairieknitwit, just like I am here.


Sarah said...

I've seen them all in real life, but it's amazing how much they all seem to have a common colouring here! Been knitting some visual warmth to go with all those warm stitches?

Sarah said...

Oh, and love the new blog layout. Gorgeous twigs!

Tara said...

They look so cozy! I love your new blog layout. Are you changing with the seasons?