Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Egghead likes her booky book.

I love to read. I have loved books as long as I can remember. I love sharing books with my kids. When I had Emmett I could hardly wait to share with him a book I remember from my own childhood:

The Monster at the End of This Book. I remember my Dad reading this to me and how much fun we had together. The kids love reading it and turning the pages as Grover gets more and more agitated. Some of my other favourites are:

Cunnigham's Rooster. This is a gorgeous story about a musician Cat who has lost his inspiration to write. His creativity is renewed upon meeting a Rooster who inspires him to write his magnum opus. Unfortunately, it is now out of print. I took my copy from my Mom's house and keep it in a safe place. I read it to the kids, but it is not on the shelf of books that Matthew can reach!

Someone is Eating the Sun. I was a wee sprog during a solar eclipse (I think it was Feb 26, 1979 according to a NASA website) My parents read this book to my brother and me to help explain why the living room got suddenly dark in the middle of the day. The illustrations are different in this edition, but the story is still the same. I need to track one down for our collection.

When I was in Grade 1 my teacher kept a log of the books her student's read. Once you read 100 books, you got a book to keep. My 100th story book was Cinderella. Of course I still have it!

When I got older and could read on my own I started a longtime love affair with EB White and Laura Ingalls Wilder that lives on to this day. I guess I even named my daughter after a spider!

I could go on for days about my favourite books. I even had library cards in two towns when I was little (One at home and one in my Grandparent's town)

What are your favourite children's books?

*You get bonus points if you know where I got the title of this post.


Sandy said...

Have no idea where you got the title of the post from, and I'm an AVID book reader, lover! Great post though! Now, can you tell me how you got the books to show up in this post? I've been looking for the app to to this so I can post for my "currently reading" spot.... :)

kitten said...

Never heard of the first book.
Not sure where you got the title from.
Good list of books!

Becky said...

"Cinderella" will always be my very favorite book/movie! "Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog," by Barbara Techel
is another great book that I have just found and introduced to my kids. Great true story about a disabled dog. Taught my kids how to have compassion. They love it so much that I am sure that they will always remember it, just as I will always remember Cinderella (I am constantly asked to re-read it to them).

Bobbi said...

My absolute all time favorite children's book is Ferdinand by Munro Leaf. I actually bought this in hardcover to read to my own children years before I had them. My poor tattered paperback copy from my own childhood did not make the many moves intact.

Unknown said...

Ooooh I forgot about Ferdinand!!! My Amazon wish list is getting longer and longer now!

Anonymous said...

I had The Monster at the End of This Book too! I loved it as a kid and now my kids love it too. They scream with laughter everytime Grover yells at them, "You turned the page!!"

Imcombobulated said...

The Simpsons.

My favourite children's books, some from my childhood and some from this 2nd childhood, are:

Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton
Mr. Mischief by Roger Hargreaves
Corduroy by Don Freeman
Dos and Don'ts by Todd Parr
Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett
(I also loved The Monster At The End of This Book as a child... and love reading it to my children now too!)
Hug by Jez Alborough
Voices in the Park by Anthony Brown
My Dad by Anthony Brown
My Mom by Anthony Brown

(I could go on and on... we love to read at our house!)