Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A tale of woe.

I have not been feeling very well these past couple of days. It all started on Saturday where we had to bake under the sun on the steamiest day of Summer at a friend's outdoor wedding.

I tried to drink enough, but I guess I just couldn't replace the constant stream of sweat that was running down my body for most of the day. Sunday I was tired, but didn't think much of it, just tried to carry on with my day as best as I could.

Monday I woke up nauseous and tired, having more painful Braxton-Hicks contractions than I was used to. I shrugged it off, left the kids with our respite worker and headed out to run errands and get groceries (yes, I deserve a kick in the pants for that.....) I got home from errands and felt really, really awful. More nauseous, the baby was rolling and kicking and the contractions were getting more frequent and uncomfortable. I put Char to bed, turned on a movie for Emm and slept. Every time I moved the contractions would hit me. I tried to eat and got sick. No, I still haven't called the midwife yet (Stupid!!! Kick me again!)

I went online to check my email and IMed with a friend who finally said CALL THE MIDWIFE since I was not getting any better. Midwife said "Get your tail down to the clinic, you need an IV".

Thankfully, the friend I was messaging with was just finishing work and came over to watch the kids. Midwife decided I was not in preterm labour, but if I had gotten any more dehydrated it could have turned into that. She ran 1500 ml of IV fluid into me in just over an hour (for you non medical types, that is pretty darn fast) and the contractions finally started to slow down and space out, baby started to relax. The Midwife explained that my uterus was irritable because of the dehydration and the fact that my electrolytes were probably completely out of whack. I went home with orders to take Gravol and Gatorade and go to bed. That is what I did. I slept for 11 hours and today just feel a bit weak and shakey. No more contractions.

I need to keep reminding myself that I am in my third trimester in the thick of summer. I have to be more careful. I got food poisoning when I was late into my pregnancy with Emm, but never got this dehydrated because it was December when it happened and I wasn't sweating all the time. I can't do it all!!!

I promise I will take it easy today and not over exert myself. Girl Guide's honour. I need to bake this kiddo for a minimum of four more weeks before it will be safe for him or her to come out.


Ashlee Rose said...

I'm glad you're ok, I was worried about you... :( Take it easy, dammit. For real this time!


Ami said...

OH goodness! I can't imagine being pg at this part of summer, it's so darn hot. Please take care of yourself. Rest. DRINK.
I'm glad you're okay.

April said...

Thank God you are ok. I'll be over hourly enforcing your litre of water ;-)