Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm melting!

There is another humidex advisory for my area today. I am staying close to my air conditioner and trying to keep everyone hydrated.

My challenge is how to occupy the kids indoors when they would rather be outside running around. The budget doesn't allow for daily trips to the coffee shop with the play area or the greasy fast food restaurant that has one. I have saved up pennies to throw in the mall fountain for an outing later this week.

While my iced coffee is chilling here are some indoor ideas I have found thanks other creative and hot parents out there...

  • Flubber! Watch a cool chemical reaction and then play away. I sank small plastic animals from the dollar store into the flubber for Char to dig out and she had a ball with that.
  • From the same website that brought flubber into my house, Ice painting is next on my list to try.
  • For the youngsters: High Chair water play
  • For bigger kids, how about revisiting the bean box from winter? Fill your biggest roaster pan with dried beans and rice, add measuring cups, toy cars, small toys and you have all the fun of a sandbox indoors with less clean up!
  • In the same vein, find a big plastic bin (go to your basement and find one full of clothes--put them in a recycle bag for now....) Fill the bottom with cool water and add toys. Splash, cool off, make a clean spot on the floor! Bonus points if you have some coloured bath tablets around to put in there too.
  • Freeze yogurt tubes for cool snacks that are a bit more nutritious than frozen sugar water freezies. My grocery store also sells sugar free applesauce in tubes in the canned fruit aisle that I also freeze for snacks. I am putting those away in the back of my mind for teething time with my new baby too!!
Emmett has been having fun on the computer in the afternoons while Char and I snooze. Here are his favourite websites:
Kid's CBC
Sesame Street
PBS Kids
Veggietales Arcade
By the way....firefox is an awesome browser if only because I can put those sites on the bookmark tool bar and Emmett can find them all by himself.

While you're online, Simpsonize your family....it is a fabulous time waster!!
Stay cool!

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