Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nesting, room by room.

Inspired by the part of my Mommy Vacation Bible School that I really like (the how to organize your house and come out of chaos part) I sat down yesterday and wrote down room by room how I can improve our home. Please bear with me. I need this list somewhere the kids can't rip it up and colour on it!

Front Entrance:

  • Buy low shelf or shoe rack. Add baskets for each member of the family to use for belongings (colour coded)
  • Add more coat hooks
Living Room:
  • Build shelves along top of French doors and dining room doors for movies and books
  • Add another row of coat hooks at back door
  • Long term: add more cabinets, wrapping them around north and west wall.
  • Now: Cut down table to make it narrower and easier to get around. Long term: find proper island to replace table.
  • Clean off top of fridge, put up force field/electric stunning thingy so it cannot be used as a dumping area any more
Storage area at top of Basement Stairs:
  • Purge clothing and sort.
  • Move boxes of clothing to Richard's office?
  • Add more shelves
  • Sort out winter gear
  • Sort extra toys and baby gear
Char's room:
  • Repair broken chest of drawers to use for baby gear.
  • Install more shelving
Emmett's room:
  • Label toy bins
  • Gather up outgrown clothes and take out of room I gained half a closet!! bonus!!
  • Rearrange to make room for crib and extra dresser
My room:
  • Find new home for fabric and yarn stash
  • Make room for bassinette
Linen Closet:
  • Sort and purge extra sheets
  • Clean off top shelf (what the heck is up there????)I found a Laura Ashley sheet and duvet cover set!!! Score!!
  • Add more hooks for hanging towels


Anonymous said...

Is Emm's room bigger, or do you know you're having a boy?


Unknown said...

Emm's room is bigger, and he would be a better room mate. Emm insists we are having a boy (he signs "boy baby" and points at my tummy) but I think that may just be wishful thinking on his part!!

Moving the baby won't happen until late Fall, early Winter--Baby will live in a bassinette (or tucked in next to me, we'll see...) in my room until he/she grows out of it.

April said...

This is truly inspiring Jen. Alf and I are going to try to do our "room by room evaluation" together tonight! We need it desperately.