Monday, May 1, 2006

Decontamination time.

Well, we haven't gone 24 hours without something exploding out of Emmett, but he definitely seems better today, so it is decon time. I bleached the bathroom last night, and now it is time to gather up the toys and put them in the sunroom with the windows open and blast them with Lysol. I also have to mop every floor and shampoo the diningroom rug. I wish I could put bleach in the mop water, but I like my hardwood the colour that it is, so a good hot scrub will have to do. Will Lysol damage my leather furniture?
I actually took Emm to the walk-in this weekend and the doc said as long as he is hydrated we must wait. (Saturday his pants exploded in my hair salon, and then when we got home he threw up in the garage, the back yard and our pack porch just like a college kid on Spring Break. He would have thrown up in the van but I grabbed him and got him out just in time.) The nurse at the clinic said that everyone else that has gone through this bug takes five days to get better. Today is day five. Think happy thoughts for us. Even though Charlotte didn't get the bug as bad as Emmett, I am still canceling her appointment for vaccinations this week--lets not pile too much on her plate, right?
I started to feel sick on the weekend too, but it passed quickly, thank goodness.
Yes, I am blogging to put off cleaning--whatch'a going to do about it???

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