Thursday, May 11, 2006

My first meme

From Crowjoy, who got it from Pete:

If you comment i will:

1.say something random i like about you
2.tell what song/movie reminds me of you.
3.i'll name something we should do together
4.i'll say something that only makes sense 2 u & me(or just me)
5.i'll tell my first, clearest memory of u.
6.i'll ask u something i've always wondered about u.
7.if i do all these things, you must post this on yr journal so you can do unto others as i have done to u.

In "real" news I am doing a calorie-burning happy dance because at my last weigh-in I found out I have lost over 9 lbs since joining Weight Watchers. I can almost justify breaking my no clothes-buying rule. I bought a frilly little dress at Le Chateau to wear to a wedding next month. C'mon, you know if you find something in that store and it fits you must snap it up because sure as anything it won't be there when you come back.

Gotta run--kids are calling.


Brie said...

I have this posted in my journal already, but I'll play in yours.

(Can you tell I've been bored recently?)

Not Jenny said...

1. You make super-cute toys
2. Hackers
3. Your knitting group or mine?
4. Second Sock Syndrome
5. I know I remember you from around Digs, but my first real memory is following your Knitting Olypics progress
6. What made you choose comp sci as a field of study? (Don't tell my husband, but you could be his dream girl)

Brie said...

3. Both!
5. I'm relatively quiet around digs, so I'm not really sure how many people know much about me from there.

6. I originally wanted to major in fine arts or history. My parents, whose very graciously paid for my education, wanted me to major in something with a bit more potential for independence. My alternative was biology but I wasn't set on it. Then a group from Women in Engineering came to talk to my class. They showed some pretty cool stuff and I already met the requirements for auto admittance to the program, so I went for it. I've also always been intrigued by Data, C3PO and R2D2, and robots in general. Maybe one day I'll build my own. (I'm a bit weak in the mechanical engineering part of it (that was my second choice after electrical engineering).)

Not Jenny said...

you are too cool!

Brie said...

I forgot to say Way to Go on the WW and the dress! Good Job!

CTG said...

yay on the WW! What a great feeling!

Not Jenny said...

Hi Chi! Here are the answers to the meme questions, whether you want them or not!

1. Your kids are crazy like mine
2. I don't know!!
3. Playdate. I'll come to your house.
4. May I borrow your zester?
5. Well, Digs, of course. I think I really got to know you on the Dust Settles board.
6. What is your favourite meal to cook?

CTG said...

Hmm...I love to cook sausage jambalya and would cook it everyday, but somehow I think my family might get bored with that! And yes, you may always borrow my zester!

CTG said...

oh yeah, you can always come play date at my house! Baby Juggling to the nth degree!

Henna said...

If you know who I am, give it a shot!