Friday, April 28, 2006

Back to normal.

No puking for over 24 hours. (Touch wood.) Emmett stopped throwing up yesterday but had no appetite--he lived on crackers and electrolyte juice until evening when hubby took him for a Slurpee, his favourite treat. Mercifully, it stayed down. He also spiked a temp yesterday afternoon, but today he is back to his old self. I even went out for coffee and knitting last night with my coffee and knitting buddy guilt-free (but with my cell phone turned on).

I have been having MAJOR chocolate cravings these past few days--I even put cocoa powder in my cream of wheat this morning. (delicious, by the way ) I had a chocolaty, creamy coffee drink last night, but had enough restraint to only drink half of it. I am down an inch on my waist--I want to keep it that way and lose a few more.

Hey! I haven't talked about knitting in a while. I will be heading out to an agricultural fair this afternoon to fondle some alpaca fibre. I should probably leave the credit card at home. I have been known to have accidents where I trip and fall with it in my hand and somehow it gets swiped by a cash register. Purely accidental. I still don't have my wrist splints so I have been careful about knitting too much. My knitting buddy lent me her brand-new copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting and now I am all inspired to make dishcloths and log-cabin afghans. Dishcloths are fun knitting for me. They work up fast, you can try out new patterns and then use them and enjoy them instead of tucking them away at the bottom of a box of yarn, where good swatches go to die.

My rule about no clothes shopping until 10 lbs are gone is getting harder and harder to follow. My clothes are all loose and there are so many cute things in stores. We just got an invitation to a wedding in June and I keep going past a dress shop that has the most adorable 50's inspired party dress in the window--A-line flared skirt, runching in the bodice to tuck me all in and spaghetti straps that I would probably remove. All it needs is a lacey wrap, the new bronze dress sandals I have coming in the mail and a great pedicure. Must. Be. Strong. If I buy it now, it may not fit in a month, right??

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, I miss you! Janelle