Friday, April 21, 2006

Some good news.

I got a call from the Speech Therapy department at the hospital. After 18 months of waiting, Emmett now has a regular weekly slot with a therapist. I am happy and relieved all at the same time. I know this means we have gotten to the top of a hill and have found a mountain, but now I have the lovely and perky Linda, Speech Language Pathologist, to guide us up. Charlotte is helping Emmett with his speech. She can say "Mum" now, so Emmett is working on the "mmmm" sound. Nothing like a little sibling rivalry to get some wheels turning!!

I also found out yesterday I have the beginnings of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome happening. I saw a neurologist who taped electrodes to my hands and fingers and then shocked me in various places up and down my arms and wrists with a Taser-like thingy and then measured how fast the electrical current travels down the nerves. It sounds like much more fun than it really is. So far I test normal, but since I have numbness and tingling in my hands and wrists almost every day, I need to start treatment. It is really no big deal. I will be fitted for wrist splints to be worn at night. That is it. How sexy will I look??? I just feel old.

I have started a new blog:
Prairie Knitwit cooks so I have a place to put the recipes I post from time to time. (Thanks for the good idea, Sarah!)


briezee said...

I'm so glad that Emmett finally has an appointment with a therapist!

I haven't had the electrical test for CTS yet, but I don't doubt it'll be soon. I have an appointment coming up for numbness in my pinky.

We're not odd! How come our bodies think we're ancient?

Not Jenny said...

Everyone has been saying I will have to quit knitting--everyone except the neurologist, thankfully. I can't stop knitting!!! It keeps me sane and from snacking in the evening.

Brie said...

Losing knitting is one of my biggest worries. The majority of my friends are my knit group.