Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I need help!!!

Why can I not stay on top of housework? Fellow bloggers, I need your tips, tricks and techniques to help me stay ahead of the avalanche.

Here is what I already do:
I keep a bottle of cleaner and rags in my bathroom so I can do a spot-clean as I get ready in the morning. I generally use my damp towel to wipe the floor and then drop it in the laundry chute.

I do laundry Every. Frickin'. Day. I fold the clothes right out of the dryer and each family member has a basket everything gets sorted into so I can carry one basket into one room and put everything away. In a perfect world everything gets put away everyday, but my world is far from perfect and it is a major thing that the laundry even gets folded regularly now.

I vacuum twice a week. I have a shedding dog so I should vacuum daily, but I don't.

The kitchen gets cleaned daily after dinner while hubby is bathing the kids. I try to unload the dishwasher as I am making breakfast so I can load it during the day, but if there are rugrats tugging at my coattails, it sometimes doesn't get done until I am doing the big evening clean. I like seeing clean counters first thing in the morning. I need to wash out my fridge more regularly--leftovers and spoiled condiments get thrown out once a week, I just don't wash the shelves often enough.

I plan our dinners a week in advance so I can do one big shopping trip and I never have to wonder what is for dinner. (This helps with my weight loss--I never have an excuse to eat junk because the ingredients for a healthy meal are always in the kitchen)

Generally my house is clean, it is just never, ever tidy and hardly ever dusted. I try to purge our belongings regularly, but as soon as I turn around, any given surface in my house is covered in junk. If you speak the language of Flylady you would say I have multiple hot spots in my house. How do I keep on top of them??? How do I deal with a husband who leaves piles of stuff everywhere and denies that he is messy? (Hey, I am messy too--At least I admit it!). What can I do? Leave me a comment! Maybe we can help each other.

In other news--my favourite belt is on the last hole and is getting too loose to do its job!!!
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sugarmama said...

You sound like you are doing a GREAT job! I think you shouldn't be so hard on yourself! That said, you sound like me in the sense that you want the house to always look tidy and clean and that just isn't possible, unfortunately. And the little husband piles! Oh the husband piles! Reciepts, cell phone, wallet, keys, eye drops, magazines. It never ends. I know you probably look around the house and see all of the flaws and all of the mess, but I can assure you, you are the only one. You're doing great.

Unknown said...

I have started keeping the money I find in the husband piles--I consider it a fee for cleaning up after him!! I am also hoping this will help deter him. Is that wishful thinking??

Thanks for the peptalk, Sugarmama. You are sweet (hee, like sugar??)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could help, but during school, I can't keep up on my house and it's just me and the cats. Best of luck, though. Congratulations on the belt size!

Anonymous said...

Get a cute little bin-thing for right by the door. Tell hubby to drop keys, phone, wallet, etc. into the bin when he comes in the door. If he doesn't you do it. When he can't find his stuff ask him if he looked where it's supposed to be - in the bin. I know that made our entrance look tidier. (I find the I-just-walked-in-and-have-a-bunch-of-crap-in-my-hands-that-I-can't-wait-to-put-down crap is the #1 hotspot maker)

Anonymous said...

uhm...you are SO far a head of me on the cleaning. I just got exhausted reading your list!