Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Springtime is for Sewing

Fresh off the sewing table: Simplicity Lisette 1893.  I made view B.   This fabric was part of the stash I acquired when I helped a friend clean out her craft room.  I loved this floral print.  I looked very hard for a pattern that would make the most of the gorgeous border print.  I mixed in the plaids because I love plaid and I think the colours all play very well together. My girl is on the tall side for her age so I added three inches to the skirt when I cut it out so I may get more than one summer out of this dress.

This project taught me a lot.  I got in over my head with the pieced bodice and hand-cut bias binding, but I persevered and learned a lot from those fiddly bits.  I did not sew the zipper in as the instructions asked as I could not make heads nor tails of the directions.  An experienced friend came to my rescue and showed me I was just over thinking the process.

Next up in the queue is a simple elastic-waist skirt for me.  No fiddly bits!

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LaughingLady said...

BEAUTIFUL!! You did a GREAT job!!