Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nurse, heal thyself.

It happens so often now that no one looks up when I am in the kitchen and then I suddenly yelp and run out of the room.

I have it down to a science.

Once I am in my bathroom I grab a handful of toilet paper and press it to my wound, staunching the flow of blood while I grab my supplies.  With the hand not bleeding I root through my cupboard and find the gauze squares, tape, and bandaids.  I carefully open the packages and line my supplies up on my counter, maintaining asepsis as much as I can.  I drop the TP in the garbage, flush my wound under running water in the sink and then fold a square of gauze into quarters. I press the little square to my wound, add another layer or two of gauze and tape everything up tightly.  I run back to the kitchen and finish cooking dinner as best I can, keeping my injured hand elevated.  I make sure to pick out any food I might have bled on.

The next day I will de-bulk my wound, carefully taking the gauze padding off with a little help from my trusty squirt bottle of sterile saline.  I change the padding.  Often a small square of gauze taped on with a bandaid is enough as my cuts seal up nicely overnight.

Since no one will take over cooking duties, I wear one of these when I have my big knife out now.

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