Thursday, October 13, 2011

Playing with the Boys

This week's Taekwon-do class went much better than last week's.  Richard took Char this time and he reported back that she did very well.  She listened, paid attention and had fun practicing her punches.

My girl even turned some heads this week.  You see, for the previous few classes Charlotte has been changing into her uniform at home.  I was told last week by the school's owner that she needs to change there. The owner referred to Charlotte as "my boy" because of her short hair.  I gently corrected him and things were just fine.

This week, we found out that many of Charlotte's classmates had no idea she was a girl either--until she showed up before class wearing her eye-searingly pink corduroy pants with a pink shirt covered in sparkly hearts. 

I feel like my girl is growing up to be a very well-rounded, strong female who is not afraid to be pink and sparkly when she wants to and kick ass when she needs to.

That's my girl.

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