Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween at my house.

Disclosure – I am participating in the Allan Candy Company program by Mom Central Canada.  I received compensation for my participation in this campaign.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

Halloween is next week.  Do you have your costumes ready?
My kids love Halloween.  They plan out their costumes months in advance.  We are old-fashioned and let the kids trick or treat around our neighbourhood.  I love carving jack-o-lanterns, and even have the special little saws that let me do more intricate designs.  I so wish I had a digital camera the year I did the full haunted castle carving.  It was amazing and I was so proud of it I took it to the nursing home where I worked at the time and it decorated the main nursing station's desk for a few days.  (hint: rub petroleum jelly over the cut edges of your jack-o-lantern to make it last longer)
When Emmett was in Kindergarten his teacher asked me to bring a special snack for their party.  I gleefully set myself to the task of making Alien and Eyeball cake pops with gruesome red velvet cake as the filling.

This year I don't have to send treats to school, but thanks to Allen Candy I am very well prepared for the little ghosts and goblins (and Princesses and Storm Troopers) that will be ringing my doorbell next week.  I was happy to get a big box of an assortment of their candy line including Allan Intense Jubes & Jellies,  Allan Chewy Rascalz (including my favourite Big Foot, which is celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year), and Allan Fruit Buddies.  If you choose Allen Candy to give to your trick or treaters you can rest assured knowing you are giving Canadian-made candy that is made in a peanut-free facility.  Every treat is individually wrapped to ensure freshness.  I opened a bag to sample and was taken right back to my own childhood when I popped a Big Food into my mouth (and then a Sour Big Foot, and a Green testing was very thorough.)

This year I will be sending a witch and pirate and something to be announced out in to the neighbourhood to trick or treat.

What do you do for Halloween?

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