Friday, October 14, 2011

Our Fight Isn't Over

Click here to view the trailer for Miss Representation and then come on back and read more
(a small warning about this video:  there are images from media that show rather scantily clad ladies in various forms of submission to men.  You may want to wait for naptime to watch this movie if you have youngsters around.)

I make no bones about the fact that I am a feminist fighting hard to raise my girl to know she is more than a pretty face. I am trying hard to raise my boys to see women as more than pretty faces.

It is an uphill battle given how media portrays females.  This video (an extended trailer for a movie) is proof that the battle is far from over.

This video has been going viral on Facebook, but I really want to share it with you, my readers as well.  I realize that I am largely preaching to the choir, but this is very important to me, especially since I am raising a daughter.

This is why I am a member of Girl Guides.  I get to empower more than just my little girl.  I get to teach these young girls that they are smart, strong, and capable.

I am fighting against a Pink Tide at school.  Charlotte is deep into Barbie, Princesses and anything Pink and Sparkly.  I am using bedtime story time as a weapon in my arsenal against the stereotypical princess template.  Here is my Feminist Princess Bedtime Story list:

The Very Fairy Princess by Julie Andrews  this book is about an everyday little girl with dirt under her nails and scabs on her knees and a crown on her head.  It teaches girls that Princesses accept and respect everyone and all have gifts to give.

The Paperbag Princess by Robert Munsch a classic storybook from my own childhood that has stood the test of time.  No Feminist Princess bookshelf is complete without it.

Not all Princesses Wear Pink a great book to show that Princesses come in all shapes, sizes, and skin colours.  They also can also play sports, use power tools and climb trees, all while wearing their crowns.  A great book for girls to show that Princesses can do anything they want.

--I have also been told I should check out Princess SmartyPants  and Cinder Edna by an Invsible Internet Friend. 

Have you empowered a girl today?


Ami said...

Preaching to the choir? Yes, probably.

But I know what you mean.
I got an actual jolt when we did scientific stuff in our GS Troop. Because I had more than one girl who said, "I am not good at science" and then proceed to do an excellent job with a project. And then get excited when told, "You were a scientist today!"

Janelle said...

We're done the "big stuff" Christmas shopping for our kids: David is getting more tools for his collection, because the set we saw at Costco comes with a tool belt, which he does not yet have, and a big helicopter to go with the big fire truck he got last year. Marissa (whose nails I painted pink at supper time and whose personality may end up giving Char a run for her money) is getting a new baby, because 7000 babies are not enough (eye roll), and her own tool kit because David is sick of wrenching (pardon the pun) his tools out of her stubborn, high pitched scream accompanied, nail polished little hands. PS He's also sick of telling her that the stuffies and babies he claimed as his own when she was born are his, so don't touch. I'm not putting much extrinsic effort in, but Hubby being the 98.5% cook in our house helps the gender gap shrink around here. (another 1% is eating out, and another 0.4% is eating at my parents...)