Monday, August 15, 2011

What's in Your Purse? **Giveaway**

Disclosure – I am participating in the ABREVA program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of GlaxoSmithKline.  I received a Coach wristlet as a thank you for my participation.  The opinions on this blog are my own.
Today I am going to chat about something that happens to a lot of people.  Something that no one really likes to talk about.  Cold Sores.

I suffer from them from time to time.  They are embarrassing, unsightly, and can feel like they are taking over your whole face when you are having an attack.  They usually come when your body is stressed or getting over an illness.  They can be very uncomfortable.  My worst cold sore attack had my bottom lip swell up so badly I couldn't eat for two weeks.  I looked awful and was in constant pain until the sore healed on it's own. 

That attack happened before I discovered Abreva.  Abreva is not like any other topical OTC cold sore treatments on the market.  Other ointments merely moisturize and temporarily relieve pain (if that).  Abreva has a medication (docosanol 10%) in it that actually stops the cold sore virus from dividing so it can stop sore from fully developing and can greatly shorten the duration of an attack.  If I start applying my Abreva at the first sign of the tell tale tingle or itch I get on my lip when an attack is starting,  I can keep that awful cold sore from even developing.  If you don't catch that sore before it develops, Abreva can still help shorten the length of the attack and can keep the virus from spreading on your skin and forming new sores.

If you suffer from cold sores, GlaxoSmithKline would like you to give Abreva a try.  Visit their website,, between August 15 and September 13 to get a coupon for $5 off of your purchase.

Now, you are going to need something chic to carry your Abreva around in.  Leave me a comment telling me what you must always have in your purse and you can have a chance to win a very cute Coach Wristlet.

The contents of my purse are quite practical.  Besides the obvious cell phone/wallet/keys combo that everyone has, I never leave the house without a  favourite lip gloss/lipstick duo, ibuprofen, expandable tablet washcloths, and  my asthma inhaler.

So, what's in your purse? 

Contest runs from August 15-September 2, and is open to residents of Canada only.  (Sorry, American readers!)


Mindy Cook said...

The number of times I have carried a purse in the past 5 years can be counted on one hand, but I did find this amusing. The last time I carried a purse, it had the essentials: My cell phone, wallet, and keys. Addded to that was the Liquid Body Silk (just in case, as I was wearing a dress), a spare bra strap rearranger (not sure what it's name actually is), and Bjorn's keys also landed in my purse...
Either way, I'm about to suck it up and start carrying a new purse because it should contain: My wallet, keys, cell phone, and epi pen. You know, the important stuff :)

Jenna said...

Right now I'm usually carrying a diaper bag, but in my old life I carried the usual suspects, plus a bus pass, ipod, book, and about eight kinds of lipgloss and chapstick. Now I'm rarely to be found without a fake keyring full of plastic fruit, but I imagine I could go without if I had only a wristlet to fill! ;)

Anonymous said...

My purse essentials are
-lip balm/gloss
-toy cars
-polly pockets
-expandable tab wipes
-a pocket knife
-hair clips (for myself and the girls)
aaaaand grocery lists.

My purse is never left at home and always on the go. A definite essential in my life.

Anonymous said...

My purse always contains these items:
-chocolate bar, candy or something else containing sugar
-cell phone
-insurance information
-lip gloss/lip balm and/or lipstick
-small bottle of lotion
-dental floss
-assorted hair elastics
-receipts that I am holding on to for some reason (but usually used to write notes)

Silja :)

Chantale M said...

The older I get, the more I seem to carry around with me. I've always got:

- wallet/keys/cell phone
- bus pas
- work pass
- lip balm
- iPod touch
- ear buds
- lip gloss
- notebook
- pen
- bandaids
- ear plugs
- gum
- mints
- hand lotion
- a wet wipe or two
- kleenex
- a snack in case of low blood sugar (fruit strip, lara bar, etc.)

I often throw my camera in there too.

Jane Bannister said...

Right now I have a wallet on a string type purse that I can just throw into the diaper bag. Even though it is small I still manage to fill it with money (well, not that much money), credit/debit cards, points cards, a whole family full of medical related cards, a pen, lip balm and lip gloss, a tiny mirror, photos of the kids, my cell phone, a wad of receipts, tissues and some random kid stuff. Right now the random kid stuff consists of a broken paddle ball and a tiny rubber bat toy from a kinder egg.

rocyn said...

A baggie of almonds
Lip balm
Bank card
Cell phone (not necessarily charged)
Scrap of paper to write on

nM* said...

These are some of the things I usually always have in my purse:
Wallet, blackberry, mints, floss, hand sanitizer, eyelash curer, kleenex, lip balm and hand lotion.

maria said...

Lipstick, powder, keys, wallet, tweezers and bandaids

MissT said...

Whats in my purse?
-Black Berry
-Lip Gloss

KT said...

What's in my purse?
-empty pad of paper
-fencing staples
-expandable shopping bags
-earrings i never wear...ever
-billions of reciepts
-business cards
...oh I am sure there is more deep down in there

Glogirl said...

In my purse I carry:
-lip gloss
-hand sanitizer
-reusable shopping bag


Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

In my purse you would find:

coin purse
lip gloss
and of course old receipts

Vivian R said...

Hey Jen in my purse you can usually find:
keys. cell phone (occassionally ON!), bank card,
cash (ya right who am I kidding I have teenagers!) numberous receipts (from 1999 or longer), kleenex, gummie bears (mostly covered in kleenex yummy) Chapstick, and an assortment of pens of which possibly 1 actually writes. You know...only the things one couldn't possibly live without!!!

Vivian R said...

Hi Jennifer, in my purse (if you want to call it that) you can find:
My keys, bank card, cash (ya right I have teenagers so that's unlikely), kleenex covered gummie bears from the torn open package, kleenex, Chapstick and a stack of receipts I'm sure where for building supplies for the Arc. and lastly an assortment of pens and pencils most of which don't write.... You know all those 'special' items I couldn't possibly live without :)


Janissa Cassells said...

I have all sorts of things in my purse! Usually you can find alot of small kids toys,coupons, lip gloss, my wallet, a reusable shopping bag, my calender, my camera, and alot of old reciepts! I should clean out my purse more often!

kristen p said...

What's in my purse....
-change purse
-little black book that I write everything in (to do lists, books I want to read, appointments, you get the idea)
-hand cream
-business card case (where I keep other peoples cards)
-wrist braces
-splenda packets
-work keys
-car keys
-a reusable shopping bag or 2
-as well as other things from time to time.

Jill :) said...

The odd time I carry a purse you can find these things!!:
- Plastic eyeballs
- Pocket knife
- Cell phone
- Snacks of some sort
- map of canada
- ipod
- screwdriver
- random tools
- gum
- Mc Donald's toys
Mostly random junk!!

laundrygoddess said...

in my purse:
Credit cards, loyalty cards, library cards, card cards etc
drivers license
nail clippers
lip gloss
hair pick
hand cream
spare van key

Mother Hubbard said...

My purse contains: Wallet, cheque book, day planner, rolaids, cigarettes, bluetooth, Advil, pen(s), keys. No makeup anymore *sigh*...

Carla P said...

In my purse I must always have my calendar. I am completely lost without it.

Other than that it's currently a disaster of receipts, cell phone, flash drive, mail, to do book, ID, bank card, a random number of pennies if you dig to the bottom, keys, gum, smurfs, a reusable shopping bag or two, hair elastic, pens, SD card, batteries, kitchen sink!

Now that I've admitted all that I think I'm gonna go clean it out :)

flowerchild said...

some of my purse essentials are

lip balm


cynthiakorman dot ca said...

In my purse...

Wallet, coupons, batteries, sb600 flash (he he), pens, organzer/datebook, tampons, keys, pills! ;)

Sunny S-H Photography said...

My purse goes everywhere with me. I am lost without it. Here is what is in my purse:
- wallet
- work ID
- about 4-7 lip glosses/lipsticks
- usually around 5 pens
- multiple hair elastics
- empty gum wrappers
- cell phone
- business cards
- reciepts for unknown items
- sunglass case
- emergency granola bar (for the kid)
- loose change

I really need to clean my purse!

Anonymous said...

so who was the lucky lady to win the purse?