Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snowball Effect.

I shouldn't be joking about snow.  There is some in the forecast for this week!

It all started with a pair of pants that were too short.  Charlotte liked these pants and they fit well everywhere else, so I decided to sew a ruffle to the bottom of the legs to add some length.  I went to the fabric store and found the perfect fabric.  The print matched some embroidery on the pants and looked great with them.  The fabric was gorgeous.  I decided that it would be a shame to waste the pattern on a tidbit of trim at the bottom of some pants.

This led me to the pattern books.  I found a cute summery baby doll top that would do the trick.  (The fabric store loves customers like me!)

A quick little job turned into an afternoon, evening and morning and another afternoon of work.  I am pretty sure Charlotte's dolly is going to get a dress out of the leftover fabric. 

All of this work just to make some pants a bit longer.

It was SO worth it!


Ami said...

Really cute!
You have time to sew with all the other things you do?


tammi said...

That is just so adorable!!! Great job! I wish I was craftier with my sewing machine.

April said...

UM. Totally cute!