Saturday, April 9, 2011

Putting my Big Girl Pants on.

Last week at Sparks we did a field trip.  We visited a local vet clinic and learned important things like how to behave around dogs you don't know and why you need to groom your cat regularly. (We passed around a mat of cat hair the size of William Shatner's toupee.  I went home having an allergy attack.)  At the end of the presentation the girls had the opportunity to meet the office pet.  This is where I had to be so, so, brave.

I have a very deep-seated and irrational fear of snakes.  This guy is a seven-foot boa constrictor.  He seemed pretty nice, as far as snakes go.  Just out of arm's reach is the closest I have ever gotten to a snake without completely losing it.  His head is out of focus because I only got close enough to snap a quick picture then I beat a hasty retreat as soon as he moved. 

I tried so very hard to be brave because I don't want my girls to think it is OK to be scared just because I am.  I wanted them to be brave and learn that in this, controlled situation, it is OK to be near this guy.

I think I made a tiny step forward in learning how to conquer my own fear. 

I love how the girls are holding hands to help each other out.  It is so very sweet.

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