Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It was only a matter of time.

I got my first pair of glasses when I was in grade one.  Richard got his in grade six.  For the past two years our optometrist has been telling us Emmett's eyesight is getting worse each year.  A few weeks ago Emmett came home from school complaining of a headache and telling me he has been having a hard time seeing the spelling words on the bulletin board.  I was waiting for this day.

Didn't he pick out a stylish pair?  He has an equally stylish extra pair in my bedroom just in case he has an accident with these ones.

It has been so long since I got my first pair of glasses I am having a hard time remembering everything I need to tell him about owning them.  They are just a part of my body now.  So far I have come up with:  don't sleep in them, don't let your classmates try them on, and leave them with your teacher on Swimming Day at school.  I am sure more stuff will come up in the coming days.

Charlotte is jealous she can't have glasses so I ordered her a pair of frames with non-prescription lenses in them when I ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses for myself.  She has to be just like her big brother.


April said...

He reminds me of his Daddy with glasses on!

Anonymous said...

They look great on him! Blue is definitely his colour. How do his striped ones look?


Jody in Dallas, TX said...

They look great! What I remember about getting glasses in grade 4 were - put them on with two hands (otherwise they'll start to become crooked), when you take them off, ALWAYS place them down on the top side of the rim, otherwise they end up toppling over onto the lens and you end up with a scratch. And NEVER take them off when I was laying around playing or watching TV, without putting them on the counter or coffee table - otherwise someone (my brother) would ALWAYS sit on them!!!!

I no longer wear glasses (had the surgery about a year ago after wearing glasses for 30 years - and while it's nice to not wear them, I must say that I miss them! They were apart of my look and style. I love how everyone up in Canada still wears glasses - it's part of everyone's style. Down here in the US - everyone can't wait to get rid of them. I sometimes think about getting a pair of fashion frames! :-)

Sandra said...

So cute about Charlotte wanting glasses. And those of us who have to wear glasses want laser eye surgery (only we're too scared to get it, so we complain about being blind...oh wait, that's me....)
Your little guy is adorable with those glasses.