Monday, December 20, 2010

Covering our bases.

Things are starting to look more and more festive around here.

We put our Christmas tree up yesterday.  It is in a vintage playpen which is working quite nicely at keeping it safe from busy little kid fingers.  Please note the lack of breakable heirloom ornaments on the tree this year.

Charlotte brought some ornaments home from school today.  (This picture has nothing to do with the story.  She took it and I like it!)

She brought home a magic key to let Santa Claus into our house on Christmas Eve.
She brought home a sweet angel made out of coffee filters.

She brought home....

a festive Flying Spaghetti Monster??

 I had no idea her school was so progressive!


L said...

My mom won't let me throw away ornaments like that that I made 25 years ago. The "what the heck was this supposed to be?" type of thing. Although Charlotte's ornament looks a lot better than mine do at this stage.

Ami said...

FSM on the Christmas tree???