Thursday, December 9, 2010

Charlotte said what? And, the birth of a Vegetarian.

Yesterday as Charlotte and I walked to school we noticed some spraypaint on the outside of a house.  We then had a talk about how it is Not OK to spraypaint houses.  Charlotte mused that someone would have to clean that up.  "You know, the Guards of Canada."  I asked her to clarify.  "The guards.  The guards who stand for Canada. We guard Canada."

Clearly, Charlotte is paying close attention while they sing the National Anthem at school every morning!  (I wonder when she will learn it in French?  Those are the English words she is quoting there.)

For my American readers:  The first line of our National Anthem is: O Canada, We stand on guard for Thee

Last night, at the dinner table:

Charlotte:  What's for supper, mom?
Me:  Chicken. (buttermilk and panko coated chicken, if you must know. Deeeelicious!)
Charlotte :  What is that made out of?
Me:  Chicken.
Charlotte:  Yes.  But what is Chicken made from?
Me:  Chickens.  (This actually went on a few more times)
Charlotte:  Cool!  So there are two kinds of Chicken!  The farm animal and the kind you eat!
Me (wincing, knowing where this is going....) Um, no.  The chicken we eat is the farm animal.
Charlotte:  Oh. Ok.  Can I have some more?

While Charlotte and I were talking, Emmett was picking at his food.  He is not a big meat-eater to begin with and as he heard the Dark Truth about his dinner his eyes got wider and wider.  He had to walk away from the table after that and came back for a peanut butter and banana sandwich a bit later.

Poor guy.  The truth hurts sometimes.


Ami said...


I love Charlotte's take on things.

And poor Emmett.

Although I have never tried peanut butter and banana... I may have to do that sometime.

I left you an award on my blog. Or will on December 10... it's not actually going to publish for three more hours.

Not that I'm counting.


Anonymous said...

This made me snicker, too.

(I tried emailing you yesterday, but got a weird 'delay' message. Are you still using your same email? If not, email me with your new one. But basically it was a riff on "Dude, where'd fall go? I miss you."

Charnie said...

Jennifer, I think you meant the LAST line of our National Anthem is "O Canada, We stand on guard for thee" :o)