Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vintage Style

I have a thing for aprons.  I admire the vintage-style ones with neat little details.  They are much more fun to wear than modern, more utilitarian (ahem, rectangular) canvas ones.

I bought this one from Etsy a while back.  I love it and wear it quite often.
Of course, one apron is never enough and when I found a lovely pattern at  Tip Nut from 1945,  I ran to my box of fabric and found just the right thing:

The gingham check with daisies feels so old-fashioned and the red trim adds just the right touch.  That being said, I don't want to see red bias tape again for quite a long time!
The pattern was challenging since I had to draw out my own pattern pieces on newspaper before cutting everything out.  I actually used a serving platter and a saucer to get the curves right on the bodice!  The directions were also a bit confusing, so I used them as a general guideline only and did my own thing when assembling.  (Thank you, 4-H sewing teacher!!)  As you can see from the close-up picture I cut out my pocket on the bias, so that I wouldn't have to match up the tiny checks on the pattern.  I left the red trim off of the bottom of the apron as well.

The apron covers me up so I can be as messy as I want in the kitchen and the strap in the back keeps it from falling off of my shoulders.  The daisies make me smile.

From cutting to assembly, it took up a single Saturday afternoon.  Should I try this one next??


April said...

Love it! No wonder they were able to do their cooking and housework back in the day without grumbling. With aprons that cute, who wouldn't be happy? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love those aprons! They're just fabulous.

covet covet covet

Stacey said...

Oh, that's so cute :) I may just have to make one for myself.

mbsandybee said...

Jen you are so incredibly talented!! You inspire me :)
Great apron!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! LOVE the red! You are so talented!!!! Great job!

tammi said...

I love my old-fashioned aprons!! Both my mothers made me one for Christmas last year! Mine are a similar idea to yours, only the shoulder straps cross across my back and attach to the apron waistband at the opposite side, rather than having the strap in between to tie them together. Same effect though ~ it keeps the shoulder straps from slipping off the shoulders.

That second one is cute, too, but it seems to me it would have the same effect as most butcher-style aprons ~ it would feel like it was hanging from my neck all the time. Man, I HATE that ~ no matter HOW cute the apron!!